Those who follow me on my social media probably have already seen that the cover of the first volume of Mercy was finally revealed (the book will be out in November in Italy, in March in the United States and in April in France). I couldn’t wait to show the artwork, also because it had a very long gestation …
In the first book I wanted to find an image to “tell something about” Hellaine’s character, without any spoiler (and no spoilers here as well, of course!), so, after at least five or six sketches made and discarded (including one that arrived almost in the final version, before being thrown away), I opted for a medium shot of the mysterious Lady, with the equally mysterious “flowers” that were already present in the project’s launch artwork.

Here I share with you the “naked” version of the cover, without the (splendid) graphic by Fabrizio Verrocchi – Arancia Studio.

If you are intrigued, I suggest you keep an eye on my social media channels and this site, because in the next 72 hours there will be lots of news. Promised!


– Mirka