Welcome! If you have come this far, it means that you have probably already heard of Mercy, my new creator-owned project that will hit the shelves in comics shops and bookstores in Italy in a few weeks, and in 2020 in some other countries (French and American editions have been already announced and hopefully more will in the future). If you arrived here by pure chance instead, well, I hope I can get your attention!

I decided to create this website to enrich the reading experience of the series and let you enter little by little into the dark universe full of mysteries that I created around the town of Woodsburgh. Yes, because in addition to the protagonist, Lady Hellaine, who has been populating my posts on my social channels for more than a year, there are many other characters, themes and settings to talk about and I’ll do it right here, with weekly (I hope) posts, revealing bits of the backstory, or showing galleries of unpublished images, the making of my pages, updated news on the release of books and volumes and … some SURPRISES. I know, I should say something more, but really … you’ll learn more VERY shortly.

As I said, the world of Mercy is full of mysteries. But I will begin to reveal them to you from here.

Don’t be strangers!

– Mirka