OK, at the time this wasn’t there, I know …

Those who follow me on social networks know that I travel a lot in the United States and the most attentive will have understood that one of my favorite cities is Seattle, Washington. When I begun working on Mercy, I had some themes and elements of the story pretty clear in my mind. Among these the historical period (which is between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries): for story reasons I wanted to focus on the Klondike Gold Rush, creating a fictitious town, Woodsburgh, very close to the Canadian border.

But it seemed almost natural that Lady Nolwenn Hellaine (so now you also know her first name!) came from a bigger city, not too far from Woodsburgh… Seattle, for example! You won’t see the city in the first issue (perhaps you will later on in the story, maybe in some flashbacks? Who knows …?), but I had it well in mind while I was working.

That and tons of references needed to show the historical epoch well, from buildings to streets, from clothes to the general atmosphere. I will share a little of what inspired me soon.

– Mirka