Some random pictures. Or are they? (© Max Prono)

Mercy’s narrative universe is a sumptuous fresco in which different genres and styles meet. The setting has all the characteristics of a frontier western, a “northern” western where snow-covered forests, mines and wild nature frame urban settings ranging from classic saloons to the mansions of wealthy landowners.

But you won’t have to dig too much to discover the other soul of the series, the darkest and distinctly gothic-horror one. No spoilers, for heaven’s sake, but we can say without any hesitation that the protagonist, Hellaine, hides more than one secret. And it is through the sensual look of Hellaine that the third soul of the series, a most provocative and sexy one, comes out.

A scenario so rich in suggestions and atmospheres cannot be relegated to a single medium. This is why Mercy has been conceived as a cross-media project since the beginning. The story will pass through different media and channels in order to provide a more satisfying and complete experience, with the comic-book series at the very center.

More details (and surprises!) will surface in a few days, but in the meantime here’s a little taste of things to come…